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IT Service Desk

ITIL V3 Based ITSM Solution for Your Organization

IT ServiceDesk is a powerful ITSM Solution based on the ITIL Standards developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform. It supports medium to large enterprises with modules such as Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Knowledge Management and Configuration Management Database.

Main Features

Incident Management
Incident management helps to resolve incidents in very short period through advance search of similar incidents and their solutions or workarounds - Incidents can be registered through different channels - Detailed information about incidents can be captured - Incidents can be categorized, prioritized and can be escalated based on defined business rules and user alerts generated.
  • Incident Detection & Recording
  • Classification of Incident
  • Providing Solutions or Workarounds
  • Incident Escalations
  • Incident Closure

Problem Management
Problem Management helps to identify and resolve root cause of the incidents. Problems can be created from Incidents. All the learnings in resolving the problems will be captured into Knowledge Management module as solutions or workarounds. This helps in resolving similar issues in future.
  • Problem Detection
  • Categorization and Prioritization
  • Analysis
  • Problem Closure

Change Management
Change Management provides a means of managing and controlling how changes are initiated, assessed, planned for, scheduled and implemented. The objective of Change Management is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to controlled IT infrastructure.
  • Request for Change
  • Approval from CAB member
  • Schedule Change Implementation
  • Post Implementation Feedback
  • Change History

IT Service Desk

Configuration Management Database (CMBD)
CMDB developed on the MS CRM platform provides a centralized data model. Both the Physical and Logical Configuration Items are provided with an extensive set of attributes. Relationship between Configuration Items can be established so as to give 360° view of the impact of the Configuration Item. It provides history of state changes of all assets which will be used for analysing issues.
  • Auto discover IT Assets
  • 360° view of Asset Relationship
  • Auto Detection of Software & Hardware details

Knowledge Management
IT ServiceDesk resolves the calls in front line by increased access to the extensive Knowledge database. It reduces call escalation to the Technical Group thus increasing productivity. Advanced search helps to find the related articles quickly - Every article submission goes through an approval process for validation and accuracy.

Enabling access to the knowledge articles from a Portal, reduces the call volume to the service desks.

Inventory Management
Discovery of Configuration Items such as desktops, servers and network devices can be done automatically without an installed agent on the network systems. CMDB is populated through automatic discovery.

Availability Management
Proactive alerts sent when critical system or server goes off, reduces the response time. Specialized incidents are created for these kinds of exceptional events and through workflows within the system, alerts are raised to the corresponding people.

Dashboard gives a quick view of the overall status. Dashboards can be customized with pre-defined views and also can be personalized. Extensive chart types such as Bar, Pie, Funnel, Pyramid, etc are supported.

IT ServiceDesk accelerates compliance requirements by implementing ITIL best practice for better management. Powerful auditing features helps to manage the audit process.

Business Process Automation
IT ServiceDesk uses Microsoft CRM's powerful workflow engine for defining Business Processes - providing for powerful customization of business processes without writing any lines of code. It extends MS CRM’s features such as reusable process oriented workflow, activity library and consumption of external web services.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
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